Beverly Hills Top 3 Restrauntants

People today are always traveling to new places and trying out new things. Some save some money to spoil themselves or spend with friends. Beverly Hills is one of the places that receives many people and has numerous restaurants which may pose as a challenge for a new person or even just a person who doesn’t go out much to choose from. Below are three of the top restaurants in the area that one must definitely consider going to.

Polo Lounge

This is one of the most popular places for breakfast in Beverly Hills, they also have birthday breakfasts. It is located at Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Avenue; the operating hours range from 7 am to 1.30 am and they also have valet parking at affordable prices. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor setting seating arrangement. One unique quality about the place is the fact that there is music piano accompaniment and at times light jazz. This is a very unique quality as guests are entertained by good music as they enjoy their meals. The cuisine served is American, and there is a wide range of menu preferences at affordable prices.

Culina, Modern Italian

In 2010, this replaced the Garden and is known to attract elite people and celebrities. This could be because of the security and privacy offered by the restaurant and their no paparazzi policy. The setting is an indoor-outdoor décor which gives the guests the illusion of being outside. It has two separate rooms that are used specifically for entertainment. The head chef is Meredith Mance, who runs everything. The restaurant is known to accommodate all the special diet requests inclusive of vegan and gluten free. This is because they know the importance of maintaining the good healthy diet. They also have a bar which serves the best cocktails and finest wines. The restaurant has been mentioned as one of the best restaurants in Beverly Hills by various magazines and sites.

II Cielo

This fine restaurant is located at Burton Ways. It is open from 11.30-14.45 and 17.30-22.30 from Monday to Thursday while on Friday and Saturday it is open from 11.30-14.145 and 17.30-23.00 while on Sunday only runs from 17.30-22.30 every week. It is known as a place for business meetings and when just meeting with friends but for over two decades it has been rated as the best place for romantic dates. It serves Italian cuisine and is open for lunch from 11.30-15.00 and dinner from 17.30-22.30 from Sunday to Thursday while on Friday and Saturday dinner hours range from 17.30-23.00 every week. It is also a good place to go with your family and friends since it offers group dining but if one intends on having an intimate time, they also offer a private dining and one can even make reservations in advance.

When deciding on which restaurant to dine in, it is important that you have an idea about their menu, location, pricing, setting and themes if any. These help you know exactly which cuisine is served and the reviews made by those who have been there also help you to know if you will have a good time especially in Beverly Hills whereby there are numerous quality restaurants.

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