Nutrition: Extremely Important In The Addiction Recovery Process

There’s no question that in many cases the recovery from addiction and the withdrawals or sudden emergence of pain is often one of the hardest parts of coming clean, and the literal physical struggles and damage that comes from recovery can often be harder on the body than the actual breaking of the physiological addiction. During the recovery phase, the body can be flooded with toxins, feeling the full pain as the numbing effects of the drugs you had been addicted to go away. This is a major part of the reason that nutrition plays such an important part in full recovery from addiction.

Drugs Often Block Critical Nutrients

From the research at, people coming off of long addictions whether alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs, they will find that often times critical nutrients have been blocked from getting into their system. Some of the symptoms that individuals might be feeling aren’t just because of the recovery, but it could be due to nutritional deficiencies. By having a good diet that hits all the important vitamins and nutrients, you can not only help to recover but also prevent worse physical recovery effects by taking away the side effects that would come from not having the full amount of needed nutrients.

Junk Food = Double Whammy

While going with junk food and the sugar rush can be tempting, the truth is that these are bad for a variety of reasons when recovering from addiction. Not only do these not provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients for the body to be healthy and recover, but eating too much junk food will even make a healthy person feel groggy, sick, and even depressed. Add in all these things with someone who is already struggling with health issues, and you can quickly see how these could become a problem. Junk food and addiction recovery simply do not mix.

Good Diet For Better Feelings

Feeling as healthy and positive as possible is a crucial part of the recovery process. Feeling cruddy physically and mentally is going to make it harder to stay on course. However, a good diet that covers the most important aspects of nutrition will allow the recovering person to feel better, and that means it is much more likely he or she will stay on track and see the recovery through until the end. Feelings matter, especially in cases such as this.

Improved Healing

Any nutritionist can tell you that a better diet leads to better healing in the body. Any recovery from addiction is just that: it is a time of healing. If you flood your body with good nutrients and vitamins, you will not only heal well, but by avoiding sugars, processed carbohydrates, and other similar junk food ingredients you will be able to minimize the side effects caused by the recovery process and speed up the healing.

That is a one-two punch that any recovering addict should be able to appreciate! This is also one of the few things that can be fully controlled by the individual, as well.

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