Healthy Food That You Can Eat

I wanted to create a guide on eating healthy food, but I am no expert. So asked my good friend Dr. Michele to write few words about it and she happily accepted my request. She is one of the top Beverly Hills, CA revision nose job surgeon and special thanks to her for taking time out of busy schedule to write this helpful guide.

A common misconception is that healthy eating means lentils and leather sandals, chickpeas and caftans. Nothing could be Healthy foodsfurther from the truth. Healthy food can be attractive and elegant as well as nourishing. “You eat with your eyes first´´ is a truism. Food should be colourful and appealing to all the senses. Your mouth should water when it is placed in front you, which it will if it is bright, colourful and attractively presented. It should also be appetising enough to share with guests at a dinner party. You should feel comfortable ordering it when out with friends and colleagues. It should enable you to stay healthy, energetic and slim without feeling deprived or like an outcast.

There are many celebrity weight-loss programs, but the emphasis should be on a healthy lifestyle, of which a healthy diet is a part. Fad diets fail as they leave you feeling depressed and irritable, as well as slowing down your metabolism. This means that you lose weight at a slower rate as your body stores the fat, regarding the deprivation as starvation. Your body then needs fewer calories to survive, and when you go back to eating normally, the calories are considered excess fuel and stored as fat for later use.

Making healthier food choices is easier than you think. Many will pass unnoticed by friends and family, but will definitely be felt in a healthier body. A healthier diet is not about giving up things but rather about adding the good foods and focusing on what you can eat rather than what you can´t. It is not a diet but rather a lifestyle, but as with any change in habits, it may take a while to feel natural and comfortable. Forget the diets, pills and shakes and focus instead on becoming healthy.

A good starting point is to eat on fruit meal a day. Often it is easiest if this is breakfast. Raw food diets are gaining in popularity, making it easier to order healthy food in restaurants. Start the day with a mug of hot water with a squeeze of lemon and honey to boost your metabolism. Follow that half an hour later with a smoothie. Fresh-fruit smoothies not only look good but are packed with valuable vitamins and minerals. They contain natural sugars which will give you a boost and will not leave you feeling deprived without a morning doughnut or bagel. Many people find that drinking a smoothie in the morning means that they no longer crave caffeine first thing. In the heat of the summer, it is an excellent idea to prepare an assortment of fruit the night before and freeze it. Blend with fresh fruit juice next morning, adjusting thickness to taste. Pour into a smoothie jar with a lid and straw and you have the ultimate fast food to eat on the run. Another good choice is a fresh fruit salad, which is visually appealing and easy to eat early in the morning.

Snacks should consist of fresh or dried fruit and/or nuts. Another alternative is a dip such as hummus or guacamole with plenty of crudités. Remember that not all fats are bad. Avocados contain essential fatty acids which contribute to glowing skin and healthy hair. Just consume them in moderation. Sip herbal teas or drink mineral water with a slice of lemon as a healthier option to coffee and tea. Fruit juice diluted with sparkling mineral water makes a refreshing and elegant alternative to sodas.

Lunch and dinner should always start with some raw fruit or vegetables, such as a large salad. Squeeze a little fresh lemon or lime juice and extra-virgin olive oil over for flavour, and use plenty of fresh herbs. Wait a while before moving on to your next course. Eat simply. If you eat animal protein, choose a dish prepared as quickly and naturally as possible. Grilled fish or chicken are good options. Eat locally produced food as it will probably is fresher and more nutrient-dense. You are also benefitting the planet by reducing transportation. Fortunately the emphasis these days is on lighter dishes, with the emphasis of good quality ingredients. Vegan and vegetarian recipes are excellent as long as they don’t rely on heavy sauces for flavour. Thai food is often quickly stir-fried, which retains the high proportion of its nutrients. The flavourings used such as ginger also offer health benefits.

Avoid alcohol whenever possible, as not only is it high in calories but it can slow your metabolism down by as much as one-third! Once again, sparkling water with lemon or mint is an alternative. Dilute white wine with sparkling water for a spritzer.

Dessert can once again be fresh fruit. Dates make a good after-dinner treat as well.

Small adjustments can create huge results. Taking care of your health need not make you a pariah. Introduce changes slowly and make them a part of your life. You may be surprised to find how easily healthy food can be accommodated into a hectic social life.

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