Beverly Hills City Guide

Found in Southern California, Beverly Hills is a city enclaved in Los Angeles County surrounded almost completely by Los Angeles. Beverly Hills has promoted itself as a home of the rich and famous socialites, elites, and high-end shopping paradise, since the 1950s. This still rings true at the moment, and a few popular TV shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and The Beverly Hillbillies has even been the basis of its reputation. The city is bisected by Santa Monica Boulevard, with the north being mainly residential and most of the businesses being in the south. The majority of residents are celebs from the entertainment industry and that alone is enough to draw thousands of tourists to the city every year that come to shop or dream of shopping.

Beverly Hills Attractions

Affaire at the Garden

Beverly Hills city is filled with annual events like The Affaire that takes place at the Garden Art Show – where artists normally show their great artworks to the viewers. The yearly event which was launched in 1973 has become a big drawer for brilliant visitors and artists, and for more than thirty-five years The Beverly Gardens Park has been the place where The Affaire at the Garden Art Show is held. The event showcases the wonderful artistry of numerous exhibitors and artists coming from all over the country from various crafts like watercolor, painting, jewelry, ceramics, mixed media, drawings, printmaking, photography, and sculpture.

Shop at the World Famous Rodeo Drive

The famous Rodeo Drive has attracted many buyers around the globe for its wide array of designer clothes and other fashion apparels. Besides France and Italy, the city is the epicenter of the fashion industry in The US. The world famous shopping district of Rodeo Drive has more than 100 boutiques and shops of famous designer clothes.

The Greystone Mansion

The Greystone Mansion is one of the famous houses in Beverly Hills, and it was constructed in the year 1928 for the son of a rich oil baron. The Mansion’s amazing setting has been the subject of television commercials, weddings, photo shoots and film, movies, and cultural proceedings. Today the Greystone mansion is among the most popular attractions in Beverly Hills and with a public park where special events are held, tourists can access the inner courtyard and formal garden area. Apart from being a public park the Mansion holds Theatrical and Musical Performances throughout the year.

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Things to do in Beverly Hills

Anyone can experience the life of the rich and famous in the city, Beverly Hills Metro is filled with amazing recreational facilities and services that will surely entice tourists to have a good time such as family outings, picnics, biking, hiking and jogging. After an eventful day of leisure and recreation tourists can enjoy the great stay at Beverly Hills hotels and wonderful dining in many famous restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines.

From luxury shopping to boutique hotels, it is very easy for you to fall in love with Beverly Hills. Catch a glimpse of celebrities, enjoy spectacular spa treatments or pamper yourself in famous shopping and eateries along the famous Rodeo Drive. Your visit in Beverly Hills is sure to be completely memorable with so many things to do here.